What if I say it is up to you? 🙂
Indeed, the body inherently protects itself after a surgery, as in all kinds of injuries.

Yes, you heard right. In a sense, surgery is an injury as well. That’s true. They are controlled and clean incisions but if we need to be objective, we make some incisions, i.e injuries on our bodies in both open and laparoscopic surgeries. Meanwhile, a human takes that area under protection, as a requirement of a natural reflex.

How? Of course, by tightening the muscles in that area. A pain sensation emerges after the surgery, depending on the shape and size of the incision. The brain tightens the muscles in the pain area to minimize the friction of the lips, in order to reduce the pain sensation in its own way.

The problem is that the pain related to the incision decreases after a while, but then muscle spasms occur in that area, when you continuously tighten them. In a sense, they get “stiff”. Meanwhile, if the patient constantly lies in bed and does not stand up, the pain increases more. As you see, in patients lying in bed with intent to be protected againt pain, the pain lasts for a longer period because of the unresolved spasm problem.

This is the exact roblem of those friends, who say “I had a caesarean section and then I could not get up for a period of 10 days” during womanly conversations. They are excessively fond of comfort, they did not confront the pain, and no one encouraged them.

Then, you learned the basic rule. 🙂 You will get up and move within a short time after the surgery. Believe me, the more you confront the pain, the sooner it will go away.

If you follow what I said, you will be discharged from the hospital within 1-2 days.
Let me share with you the example that I give my patients. If you had the surgery on Friday, you will be discharged by Sunday; and will be able to have an outdoor breakfast together with your relatives by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
In fact, even if my patients do not want these, I urge and harass them:).
The question “When we can start working?” is asked frequently as well. Frankly speaking, if you had the surgery on Friday, and the boss applies pressure, you will be able to work easily by the other Monday :-).